Ancient Tales

In lands of ancient tales and sun-kissed skies,
Where history and dreams together rise,
A realm of mystique and beauty resides,
In Israel's heart, where secrets softly hide.

Amidst the olive groves, enchanting breeze,
A timeless land, where wonders never cease,
A canvas painted with each vibrant hue,
Unveiling secrets, ancient and anew.

The first, the Dead Sea's sacred saline art,
Its healing touch, a balm to every heart,
With waters dense, as ancient wisdom knows,
A fountain of youth, where life's beauty grows.

In Galilee, where gentle waves caress,
A reservoir of youth and loveliness,
Where Mermaids once danced with moonlit grace,
Their essence lingers, leaving a sweet trace.

Jerusalem's stones, a touch of divine,
The city's essence, like aged wine,
A thousand prayers echo through its streets,
Unveiling age-old beauty's grand retreats.

The spice-laden air, a fragrant symphony,
A tale of beauty's endless harmony,
From cinnamon to myrrh, their scents reveal,
The secrets of allure, a vibrant zeal.

The Negev desert, vast and wondrous sight,
Its sands conceal rejuvenating light,
A land where ancient blooms still find their way,
To grace the world with beauty's soft display.

From Mount Carmel's embrace to Eilat's shore,
A tapestry of splendor to explore,
Each corner holds a jewel, a precious gem,
Enriching hearts and minds, like rare diadem.

In Israel's arms, a treasure trove unveiled,
Where beauty's secrets, ageless, yet unfailed,
A perfect harmony of past and now,
With visionary grace, we humbly bow.

(Abraham Schneersohn)