What does the beautiful stories tell?
If you can’t believe them
But love is the most beautiful art in existence
Maybe you can feel it or leave it
But you can’t avoid it
Wherever you go
Wherever you hide
He will find you and make you feel it as deeply as he can.
As if it were the last thing in the universe
Don’t believe everything they tell you
Other people’s story isn’t yours
The life of others isn’t yours
The traumas of others aren’t yours
Because the experience is to avoid following the same steps
But love,
Love will always be what keeps this planet under gravity
Gravity doesn’t support the lack of it
Gravity doesn’t support fear
What supports fear is unloving
Don’t put your pains in response to what love means
Perhaps fear didn’t allow them to love
Maybe the other didn’t know how overwhelming it is to love
But you are strong, as strong as the winds that blow at the highest heights
You are a divine, vibrant, uplifting being
Your forces show it

And when the time comes
Lift your head to the sky and see how amazing creation is
Look in the mirror and see the beauty that inhabits existence
And don’t forget
That love is the strongest force and that you are the result of pure work
Coming from the heaven
Ready to love.
(Abraham Schneersohn)