Whose fault is it?

Your difficulties will benefit you as you accept responsibility to overcome them. Success begins when you stop looking for someone to blame and think of a solution. Be interested in solving problems, not blaming others. Don’t think that you have lost control of your life and don’t blame the world for what it is. Such concerns are unproductive and often make the situation worse. Assigning blame could be helpful if you could reverse the flow of time, but you cannot. Right now, you can take action or you can expect life to improve. But there will never be a way forward that isn’t your responsibility. Your challenges are yours. They can be the greatest assets you own if you accept them and work to beat them. Never waste time blaming other people for their faults or the misfortunes of the world. Understand that what matters in life is what is under your control. You may find fault with others’ actions and yours, but instead of distributing censorship or personal blame, act to eliminate it.
(Abraham Schneersohn)